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We have a number of JPs on campus, available by appointment. Check the list below to find one near you.

Please note, the list of JPs below isn't a formal register. It is a voluntary service and is available only to students and staff of the University of Sydney.


Australian Technology Park (Eveleigh) 湘潭复欣万服务有限公司

Biomedical Building  (C81)
Lindsay Campbell
8627 1016

Camperdown/Darlington Campus 泉州寿宏瑞服务有限公司

Abercrombie Building (H70)
Venessa Ahern
9036 9584
(Wednesday and Thursday between 10am-12pm by appointment only)

Administration Building (F23)
Linda Carmichael
9351 4625
(Not available until 20 January 2020. By appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Nilla Merrigan
9351 2301
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Anderson Stuart Building (F13)
Nabil El Massri
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Carslaw Building (F07)
Shelton Peiris
(On extended leave until March 2020)

Chemistry (F11)
Carlo Piscicelli
9351 2746
(between the hours of 8.30am-12.30pm Tuesday-Friday by appointment only)

Edward Ford (A27)
Angela Webster
(Monday and Wednesday by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Erin Cvejic
9351 5305
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

ICT 316 Abercrombie St (G17)
Victor Fang
9036 9507
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Jane Foss Russell Building (G02)
Kate Reilly-Casali
(Thursday and Friday between 2pm-4pm by appointment only)

JD Stewart Building (B01)
Judith O’Hagan
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Peter Higgins
9351 3437
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

John Woolley Building (A20)
Shamielah Toefy
8627 8113
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Madsen Building (F09)
Thomson Chow
9351 7545
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

McMaster Building (B14)
Judith O’Hagan
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Medical Foundation Building 92-94 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown (K25)
Aaron Camp
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Neonatology
Robert Markham
9036 3126
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Quadrangle (A14)
Sharlene Chadwick
9114 2199
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Pharmacy Building
David Hibbs
9351 6005
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Philip Kwok
8627 6456
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

1-3 Ross St (K06)
Rachel Farmer
(Student Verification Purposes only - please email to confirm availability)

Michelle Kempnich
(Student Verification Purposes only - please email to confirm availability)

Jo Tomlinson
(Student Verification Purposes only - please email to confirm availability)

Services Building (G12)
Belinda Francis
0407 487 007
(Monday to Thursday - please text to confirm availability)

Richard King
8627 7354
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

St Paul's College
Richard Morgan
9550 7472
0412 016117
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Storie Dixson Wing (H10)
Simon McCoy
9036 6596
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Woolcock Institute of Medical Research 431 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe (K26)
Brett Toelle
9114 0462

Cumberland 西峰高发泰机械有限公司

A Block Ground Floor
Tracy Guthrie 
9351 9759
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

A Block Learning Centre
Theresa Millman 
9351 9319
(Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Dubbo (School of Rural Health) 锦州盈益富设备有限公司

School of Rural Health, Sydney Medical School
Kiffin Miller
5809 9422 ext 82422

Mallet St 文登本宏多有限公司

Sydney Nursing School
Dr Noeline Kyle
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

Orange (School of Rural Health) 东川台恒巨服务有限公司

School of Rural Health Orange Campus 1502 Forest Road Orange NSW 2800
Sharon Boog
(Monday to Tuesday, Thursday to Friday only - please email for appointment)

Penrith (Nepean Clinical School) 昌吉益中泰机械有限公司

Trent Hammond
(by appointment only - please email to confirm availability)

To request updates to the JPs list, please email:

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